Hi there, my name is Kristin. Eating well (real whole food sans the chemicals), along with clean water and correcting my digestion, has played a significant role in my path to healing. It is my passion to share this.

After being diagnosed with Androgenetic Alopecia (female pattern hair loss) in 2013, I promised myself I would do whatever it takes to heal myself: to research and uncover the effects of food, stress, toxins, allergies, lifestyle and activity on the body, as well as modes of healing. My conclusion and the most basic concept that overlapped everything…

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

–  Hippocrates

Because this idea seemed so basic and the one variable I could definitely control, I knew I had to start with this and just have faith the rest would come together. Why did I care so much and why didn’t I just give into my “bad genes?” Well, there was no way in hell, I was going to let a Doctor I hardly knew tell me I was going to lose my hair at 27 years old.

So what did I do to get better? First and most importantly, I cleaned up my diet, got a water and shower filter, invested in nutritional testing (hair analysis), which tested for food allergies, toxins, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I did all of this under the care of an amazing Health Kinesisologist. I became so interested in the healing effects of whole foods that I became a certified Holistic Nutritionist at Bauman College in the Spring of 2017. As I learn as much as possible about the best nutrient-dense foods we can put into our bodies, all the while making sure that we are absorbing it, I can’t help but want to share this information with others.

Today, health issues seem to be all around us–migraines, fatigue, diabetes, depression, autoimmune diseases, autism, obesity, heart disease, gut issues, alzheimer’s, cancers galore–the list is endless and new, even more complex diseases seem to be diagnosed daily. What’s more frustrating when trying to be healthy, is the simple trip to the grocery store. The individual must now debunk the label for trans fat, bad cholesterol, MSG, preservatives, dyes, man-made sugar substitutes, GMO derivates etc., not to mention dodge the marketing schemes and chemical warfare. Don’t forget to stay clear of the “Natural” labels, “GMOS,” and of course, “Pesticides and Herbicides.” It all seems daunting, but I will use this blog as a platform to share my tips on how to steer clear of this chaos and get “back-to-the-basics” of eating and at the same time make it fun and simple.

We may not have all the answers and we certainly don’t have quick cures, but at least we can start with:

1) not giving up on ourselves!

2) the concept “You Are What You Consume or Put In/On Your Body”

3) loving yourself enough to take time, intention and care for personal wellness and health

“Food is information that speaks to our genes, not just calories for energy.”

– Dr. Mark Hyman

It is my goal to share with you the most nutrient dense, powerful foods nature created so you may use these ingredients with purpose and intention–to be healthy and well. Being mindful of our lifestyle will help us to achieve optimal results! Once we get back to real, colorful, unprocessed, vitamin-rich, local food that packs the nutrient-punch, (and make sure we can digest it) there’s no stopping our road to divine health!

In radiant health,



P.S. Eat your greens out!