What is Detoxing, What are Toxins & Why it is Important to Cleanse at Least 1-2x per Year?

*All information, content, and material of this blog is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

What Does Detox Mean?

Detox is a period of time in which you give your body a rest from digestion; this allows the body time, energy and focus to rid itself of unhealthy substances that have accumulated over the years. It is also a time in which you can support the body with mineral and vitamin rich juices and/or smoothies and filtered water to ensure you are supporting and aiding the body’s natural process of elimination and detoxification. Most importantly, detoxing is a method to prevent and thwart disease! Yes, it is a way to eliminate toxins that may accumulate and eventually contribute to the development of illness, cancer or autoimmune diseases. Additionally, detox is a means to reset the digestion system, build essential vitamin and mineral reserves (i.e. boost the immune system), encourage elimination and reprogram the body for optimal health.

What Kind of Toxins Accumulate in the Body?

  • Pesticides and Herbicides Found on Conventional Produce
  • Heavy Metals (Pollution, Deodorant, Vaccines, Municipal Water)
  • Teflon, Copper & Aluminum from Cookware
  • Steroids, Hormones, Antibiotics (Conventional Meat & Dairy)
  • Pharmaceutical, Over-the-Counter & Street Drugs
  • Toxins from Cosmetic & Beauty Products
  • Pollution (Chem Trails, Car Exhaust, Pesticides, Smoke)
  • Toxins from Cigarettes & Alcohol
  • Xenohormones from Birth Control & Plastics
  • Genetically Modified Foods & Glyphosate

Methods of Detox

  • Organic Juices/Smoothies/Organic Herbal Teas (Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Fast for Winters)
  • Intermittent Fasting (choosing not to eat food for a larger window of time)
  • Water Fasting (this is for more experienced fasters)
  • Infrared/Dry/Wet Sauna
  • Hot Yoga (Bikram/Baptiste)
  • Massage/Acupuncture/Rebalancer
  • Chlorella, Spirulina, Cilantro, Chlorophyll
  • Lemon Water Before Meals (increases stomach acid necessary for digestion)
  • Oil Pulling/Tongue Scraping
  • Bentonite Clay (draws out toxins)
  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Enemas/Colon Therapy/Castor Oil
  • Body Brushing (stimulates the lymph system)

How Long is a Typical Detox?

It is important to take into consideration that everyone’s body and detox needs are different. The most basic and easiest way to begin a detox is to incorporate as many organic fruits and vegetables, filtered water and herbal teas as possible into your set duration of time. Even a one day juice and/or smoothie detox is really a nice way to reset your digestion and allow your body time to focus on cleaning itself up. You could then work up to 3 days, one week or just a weekend of clean eating/juicing. The body is innately intelligent and if you give it the proper time, nutrients and duration it will heal and rebalance itself.

It is essential to start slow and work up to a number of days that you are comfortable with eating plant-based and drinking plenty of fluids. Everyone is different. If you are new to detoxing it would be a good idea to slowly incorporate a few of the above techniques to see if it is something you can routinely do once a week, a few times a week or even once month. Juice fasting (consuming fresh juice 6-8x per day) is one of the most popular ways to detox and can be really quite delicious as well. You may choose to try sprouted brown rice 3x a day during the winter months for a more warming option. Note: *You must drink plenty of water and/or herbal tea during your detox/fast to maintain proper elimination.

“A rule of thumb is to perform a detox ritual as least 1-2 times per year as a method to prevent disease.”

Are There Unpleasant Side Effects to Detoxing?

The short answer is yes there could be, but this is really based on the individual. If you have been exposed to many toxins and chemicals in your life and have never done a detox before you could possibly experience what is called a Herxheimer reaction. This means that the body reacts short-term (from days to a few weeks). As your body detoxifies, in rare cases you may experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms. If you experience Herxheimer symptoms this is an indication you need to drink more water, get some Vitamin D (sunshine), minimize exercise while detoxing to not over-exert the body, keep the organs of elimination (kidneys, skin, lungs, lymph, bowels) functioning with a probiotic, lemon water and/or supplement or lastly it could mean you may need to slow down.

Benefits of Detoxing

  • Weight Loss
  • Clear Skin
  • Better Elimination
  • Immune System Boost
  • Cancer & Disease Prevention
  • Stronger Digestion
  • Increased Energy/Clarity
  • Less Brain Fog/Depression/Anxiety
  • Brighter, Clearer Eyes/Better Vision
  • Better Sleep
  • Decreased Cravings & Reset Appetite Control
  • Better Mood/Elimination of Stagnant Emotions

If you choose to partake in a short-term detox or cleanse for the New Year, it is a good idea to do it with a friend or family member to keep each other supported and accountable. You may want to keep a journal to document your experience and jot down any emotions or feelings that surface during this time. It is a wonderful way to learn about yourself and your limitations. In some cases, if you suffer from severe or chronic health issues, it may be best to work with a licensed professional or Nutritionist.


Wishing you Divine Health in 2018!


❤ Eat Your Greens Out



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